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Indispensable Element. 

It's our job to provide legal work. It's your your job to run the business. 

Every entrepreneur always need that additional person on their team in order to achieve their goals. Aaron is a business lawyer who guides and supports startups and growth companies with corporate and transactional law services. Our firm is not times based, but rather valued based. Making sure the legal service we provide is adequate and professional. No matter where you are in your venture, our firm will come in to help you navigate towards your exit goal.  

Our Own Niche.

Mastering a small area of law to provide those needs to investors.

Going out on his own, the firm knew that the start-up community is being underserved with legal representation with overprices services and insufficient representation. Aaron embraced his entrepreneurial spirit and passion for business law to launch his own legal practice in order to meet the needs of the start-up community.  

As a firm, it is our responsibility to be focused, detailed, responsive and collaborative. 

When you contact our firm, you will get to know us, and we will evaluate your case before you hire us so you know the game plan. As an easy to access law firm, we make sure we are dedicated in providing your legal needs. 

Guiding and Educating.

Your growth is our growth.

Stop wasting time reading online articles about the law. Thats our job. Your job is to improve and grow your venture. As a trusted advisor and resource, our firm makes sure that you make the informed decision to move forward with your venture. its our priority to give you high-quality legal advice and support with a personalized relationship. Working together, we can achieve higher goals. Guiding and educating out clients through successful and unfortunate times. 


"I have to speak to my attorney about that." 

As an attorney, it's our responsibility to be the TSA to your negotiations. As the first line of defense, we make sure to review and negotiate all terms in the contract. So that they conform with your needs and are reasonable to your venture. Negotiation is a work of art and having an attorney by your side strengthens your legitimacy. Speaking on your behalf allows for the attorneys legal knowledge to be used to acquire the best terms. 

Our style is to break the negotiation into parts, taking control, and to prioritize what matters. Contract negotiations focuses on economics and control. When negotiating, its important to know the business or many-making opportunity offered by the deal and how other parts of the contract rank below. This helps with keeping your eyes on the prize and not spend unnecessary time on the unimportant parts. If the other party ever takes a hard line on a certain issues within the contact, rather than demand, we question. Questioning allows for a better understanding and explanation on the issue. 

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